Solar PV Panels – Benefits

Solar PV energy is great for generating electricity and reducing your energy bills, it is also a fantastic investment.

A solar PV system can provide a high return on your investment, normally outperforming the rate of interest offered by high street banks.

Incentives for renewable energy systems are index-linked and guaranteed for up to 20 years, ensuring that you receive a guaranteed yield year-on-year from simply generating your own electricity.

Solar PV system – the benefits

  1. Reduction in your energy bills
  2. Tax-free payment every year for 20 years
  3. Highest efficiency and MCS approved panels
  4. Eligible for the ROC’s and FIT’s
  5. 25 year module performance guarantee
  6. Sell excess electricity back to your supplier
  7. Zero emissions
  8. Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  9. Low maintenance due to no moving parts

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