Solar PV Maintenance & Servicing

Beacon experts can assess whether the solar photovoltaic installation on your property has been correctly designed and installed. This service is available to both domestic and commercial properties.

We are experts in solar PV systems design to maximize return on investment. Under our service and repair system, trained Beacon staff will visit your property to inspect, service and repair your PV array to ensure that you remain generating power at peak capacity for the expected lifespan of the panels, and thus continue to receive the full return you expect from your investment.

Even if your array was not installed by Beacon, our staff are happy to help restore your system to its prime operating condition.

If you fear that your installation has been damaged, or is not generating the power it should be due to faulty connections, loose wiring, or even dirty solar PV collectors, contact us today for more information.

Beacon recommends an annual service of all Solar PV arrays. Outdoor technology, even when installed correctly using fully trained and qualified engineers, declines in performance over time due to extended time exposed to the environment. While the solar panels Beacon provide are self cleaning, it is not always possible to install a PV array at the required inclination for this effect to operate correctly, and a buildup of debris on the surface of the panel will negatively affect the capacity of your system to generate electricity from the sun.

To arrange a full system assessment contact us by email, call 02890022321 to discuss any of your requirements.