Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Due 2013

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) have a consultation out now about the new ‘feed in tariff’ for solar thermal systems.

Final details have not been announced, but it’s likely to look like this:

  1. A feed in tariff paid to the householder every year
  2. The heat generated will not be measured (this cannot be done with thermal systems as it can with PV) – instead the tariff will be based upon a deemed amount of heat that a system will generate.
  3. The amount likely to be paid is going to be between £200 pa and £400 pa. The figure has not yet been set.
  4. If the householder takes up the new feed in payments any previous grant (usually the £400) will have to be repaid.
  5. The payments cannot be claimed until April 2011 but from that date they can be claimed for all systems installed after 19 July 2009.

The annual payment will be made to the house owner for twenty years.